About us

We have been around since 1994. We cooperate with large corporations, small companies as well as individual clients seeking services of the best quality.

Tatra Extreme has been founded in 1994 by Andrzej Ziarko who relied upon his vast experience in event organisation and mountain rescue. For more than 20 years we have been completing various projects for large corporations, smaller companies and demanding individual clients. Exceptional atmosphere accompanying our realisations is one of the key reasons for which the list of our clients keeps on expanding. We have been one of the first incentive companies on the Polish market and for years Tatra Extreme has been a paragon for others. We ensure comprehensive incentive offer set both in Poland as well as around the world. We organise exceptional trainings, conferences and concerts. We are not intimidated by even the most demanding and extraordinary requests.

It is our pride to be able to make dreams come true, still we remain realistic and pragmatic. We cooperate with trusted and professional associates. Adventurers, transport companies or stars, the quality of what we provide and the satisfaction of our clients are always our priority.
We are passionate people, everyone who cooperates with us discovers this in an instant. We personally supervise all our projects. From the first until the last moment we ensure comprehensive service and we show our best. Nothing is impossible for us.