Arie Zweig’s birthday

Arie Zweig

Meeting on the occasion of 70th birthday of Arie Zweig. Tatra Extreme has devised a full scenario and has fully organised the event. It was attended by guests from USA, Israel and Poland. The festivities comprised of the active and artistic parts as well as evening celebrations of the anniversary. The active part: skiing lessons, dog sledding, riding snowmobiles, hiking, horse drawn carriage ride to mountain refuge. Artistic part: local artists’ performances, highlander music and local traditions, on the day of birthday -celebration with Sky High Band from Israel. Artistic evening in Witkacy theatre: with Jacek Cygan, Trebunie Tutki band, Janusz Józefowicz and Natasza Urbańska, Janusz Stokłosa and Teatr Buffo crew.

MiejsceZakopane and vicinity

Czas trwania4 days

Liczba uczestników200

Zadania agencjiFull event production