Red Bull

Meeting for Red Bull employees. As the participants were young of age, the activities were relaxed and focused on pure enjoyment. Teams of participants competed with each other, the final part was a paintball battle near a cottage. On capturing the cottage the winning team gained access to special awards.
Two sections of activities:
1 - Activities at cheesemaker’s cottage.
Shearing, milking and herding the sheep, building haystacks, butter making.
2 - Outdoor expedition.
Locating and reaching the three subsequent places marked on fragmented map. The teams searched for paintball markers and ammunition necessary in the paintball battle for the cottage. The teams had to operate in an organised and premeditated manner. Collecting of information and devising strategy in the final battle were essential.


Czas trwania1 day

Liczba uczestników80

Zadania agencjiLogistics and organisation of outdoor activities